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Takeaway is an Online Food Ordering Theme that offers users to make their food ordering system easy. Users can create menu pages of various layouts.

Takeaway includes the Taxonomy & Metadata Search Plugin which allows having a fast & efficient filters of your items.

We have opened a private repository for customers with dev experience to improve Takeaway performance. Please contact us via ticksy.

Please find below some of the main features offered by Takeaway


  • Different menus: There are different menu pages for showing the restaurant menus.
  • Smart Back end: We prepared Options Panels powered by Redux which helps you to customize every detail possible.
  • Advanced Searching: Advanced searching is integrated in the theme. The searching is made faster and built with Angular JS. Plugin integrated worth $22
  • Woocommerce: Woocommerce compatibility ideal for running a shop/store.
  • Google Fonts: 500+ google fonts included.
  • Shortcode: Awesome shortcodes are integrated.
  • Custom Widgets: The theme comes with some useful custom widgets.
  • Localization: You can translate your theme into your own language with WordPress Localization infrastructure.


v 1.0.6 (25 Jan, 2016)
- Updated woocommerce.
- Tab issues in menu page solved.
- Some woocommerce related issues. 

v 1.0.6 (25 Nov, 2015)
- Updated woocommerce.
- Fixed some css.
- Loader in add to cart issue solved. 
[To install this update please delete the "Angular based filtering plugin" plugin and re-install it from updated theme.] 

v 1.0.5 (4 Oct, 2015)
- Fixed the compatibility issue with latest WordPress. 
- Updated woocommerce.
- Fixed some css. 

v 1.0.4 (1 May, 2015)
- Fixed the issue with custom product type.
- Updated woocommerce.
- Fixed breadcrumb issue. 
- Fixed some css. 

v 1.0.3 (23 January, 2015)
- Added .po file for translation.
- Changed the mini cart layout.

v 1.0.2 (22 January, 2015)
- Added custom product type as a plugin for creating variable type products. 
- Fixed currency issue. 
- Fixed some css issues.
- Fixed regex in angular pages.
- Fixed time showing issue.
- Fixed product url issue.
- Fixed url in sliders.
- Fixed custom css option.

v 1.0.1 (04 January, 2015):
- fixed dropdown in single product menu
- fixed mobile browser issues
- changed login option 
- fixed menu view issues


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